Thursday, June 30, 2011

E 74: Brand New Cans Waiting

Cartoon Network has shown animes that are good for children who are sick of seeing short episodes of their favorite cartoons. One anime I can never forget is "Sneezing Magician" when I was around 7 to 8 years old. It was a fun series until its ending flooded my eyes; Hachu (the genie and main character) has to find a new master. His lamp (actually, a vessel) would fly and leave his current master during a lunar eclipse. Everyone who knows the genie and loved him did their best to stop it from happening but sadly, their efforts were put to waste. The ending: the vessel flies away as the current master, the one we enjoy for the full length of the series, cries in the streets. The silly-old-younger-me was left crying for that ending for half an hour after the show ended. Now I know why fairy tales are meant to have happy endings. I now understand why Little Mermaid and Hercules ended happily ever after on Disney. Children will be depressed.. or, so I say, crybabies will be depressed.

Unlike a sad ending, this closing of E 365 doesn't count to those of which my tears would fall down for.Yes, I worked so hard at the start and due to lack of time to continue, my efforts are also put to waste... maybe NOT. I'm proud of this! It's not the number of things I have written that makes this project successful; it's ALL the work I've done. I can now look back and see how I've squeezed my thinking meat to get a juice that can be used as ink on a piece of note pad. I can now also look back at this post and see how much I've tried to convince myself that it's okay (LOL).

I'm going back to my current blog, Everything Eric. But I am also planning another blog and another project which does not involve writing anymore. Many ideas, as always, are hitting my head like thunderbolt.Before I forget, huge acknowledgement to those who supported this project: My number one fans, Micu, Ghie, Yanna, and of course, Florenz. My gratitude is also extended to Eizen, Mark Ryan, Miss KC, Aljo, Therese, Jezz, and George.. For what? For taking a peek at my nonsenseness! Haha!The biggest thanks to Hiroki for giving me this idea, of course! My career manager!However, someday in the future, I might start over with E 365. Hopefully, it would be successful at that time.

In the meantime, let me go back to my vessel and take me back to my original master; myself. My current master, days, didn't play nice.

Let me use new cans to paint the days.

Monday, June 20, 2011

E 73: Not Mine: Create A Greater You

This is a text message I received form my friend Gabby. She can't remember the name of who wrote it, so I'm sorry if I am not able to acknowledge that GREAT PERSON. I'd rather speak less and let this person do the talking:

CREATE A GREATER YOU. Create and live a life that is so good, it doesn't matter if anyone comes along. 
Say yes to every opportunity to make new friends, meet new people, try new adventures. 
Get busy living the life of your dreams instead of looking for the man or woman of your dreams. 
It's like the proverbial butterfly: once you stop chasing it, it will gently land on your shoulder. 
Instead of looking for the right partner, become the right man or woman...for you. 
Be your best, deepest, truest self. Make yourself attractive to you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

E 72: This Territory Goes Uncharted

This place is damaged; cracks on the wall, paint scraping off, stuff disorganized, bugs and rodents running around. It would not always be like this. From time to time, I rebuild this place; I paint, I cover, I sweep, I wipe. But whenever someone comes around, it is never a failure to bring back the damages.
Rebuilding this place is never a tough job; I always have the determination (and the music) to keep myself up and make the best of the things here. With the right paint, the right seals, the right furniture, and the right pesticides; I'm off to another fresh start. Then somebody would come along and share insights about the right color to paint, the right brands to choose, and the right wood to use. At first, it would usually seem so good. But in the long run, I'd realize that the suggestions were unreliable, and that everything is once again falling apart. The final blow would usually be the leaks.
How can some great suggestion become something so less?

Getting accustomed to the series of maladies of the broken place, I, now, once more rebuild the place this time with the suggestion of an expert; me. Nobody knows home better than the resident. This time, I'd put more mirrors so that I would be able to reflect and even those who come in. And this time, I am paying the advice of Sara Bareilles to keep this new territory uncharted. This time, it wouldn't be easy to let people in. I'd put on a bell at the door, so that the next time someone tries to enter, I could ask myself, "Does that ring a bell?"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E 71: Wishlist for The 24th

I'll be 24 on the 24th. I rarely ask for gifts and even thinking about what I want on my birthday is like throwing an imaginary coin to a wishing well. But anyways, it's fun to list down things I want to get so I'll be jutting them down here. Anybody may give it to me; I'd uberly appreciate it since I've never received birthday presents for ages. So, here:
1: Enchanted Kingdom Ride-all-you-can ticket. I've never been there, and my childhood will never end unless I've tried most of the rides there. Let me reach adulthood after 23!
2. Fabulous polo shirt. I'm into polo shirts now in preparation for my future. Nah, don't ask.
3. Pants. I prefer skinny ones, and they should be black; can be worn causually or formally. Suggestion: Folded and Hung pants.
4. Ipad. Need I say more? More! Ipad and MORE iPad!
5. Accessories. Rocker style is preferable. I would appreciate more if I receive nice earrings!
6. A dinner at a good restaurant. I'm becoming a food lover so add something up for my favorite food list!

7. Portable DVD player. Hey, this is an affordable gadget I really want to have. I'd kiss whoever gives me this.
8. Time. Quality time with a good company matters to me. Even if we don't have to spend a dime, a well-spent time with anyone will be greatly appreciated.
9. Pizza! If you're gonna give me some, make sure there's enough for my family.
10. Love. The best present ever. :)

E 70: Good Morning Eric

I woke up today with that comfy feeling on my bed. The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone, so I found a sweet message and realized that I have overslept. My ears adjusted and discovered through the pitter-patter on the roof that it was raining--the reason why I had a nice sleep. Discovering that it was a perfect morning, I had myself hot noodles to match with the weather.
Everything was going right until I realized while bathing that I was supposed to be in the office earlier because I have to catch up with my quota the recent day. Hurrying did not help as I failed to find my jacket anywhere in our house. I've flipped all hanged clothes and it's nowhere to be found. So, I settled on wearing a sweater.
As I prepared to take off, my force field AKA headset was missing! I recalled that I left it downstairs on a chair. I texted my father only to find out that our dog, Lucky, has broken my auditory escape from mankind.

And as I made my way to work, my shoe's sole got broken.

Friday, June 3, 2011

E 69: Red and White Wonderland

It starts with all the teasing you could have in the world. You anticipate what's coming. Suddenly, you go in or you are let in. It's a whole new world of fantasy. There are red and white in this parallel universe. It is not too big but you get lost in it. At first, you think you can only go in and out. But as times goes by, you realize that there are twists and turns.
Your mind is blown. Your head gets lost. You suddenly receive a wave of pleasure and it comes on and off. You have felt it before but now it gets better.
There is quickness with it, and it would last for so long. The pleasure is too much to bear that you want it to stop, yet, you still want it going on. You get fucking confused. Yes, "fucking" confused because it drives you insane, crazy, mad! You reach for something, you want to push it off but then, you think twice. It's feels great! Too great! No, just great! Too great!
You twist, you try to pull yourself off, you scream, you yell, you shout, you whine, you beg, you squeal! It's a torture of pleasure. You don't know how it would end. You just know it feels great.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

E 68: What Cheating Is

In a Holy Week, my friends and I decided to travel to some quite far place to unwind for the rest of the weekend. As we found ourselves under the slight influence of alcohol at a certain later time in the evening, we reached a point when we wanted to talk about something deeper. Hence, I opened the topic about cheating for the four of us. Suddenly, the house we were in turned into a session hall where a definition of a word is being discussed to finalize what is going to be in a dictionary.
What is cheating?
"It is when a person in a relationship flirts with another person."
"Wait, we cannot really claim that cheating."
"Why is that?"
"Sometimes, what we do do not seem like flirting. Instead, our partners would only think that it is."
"Okay, then what is flirting?"
"When one, who is in a relationship, tries to go beyond friendship with someone else."
"Let's say you say too sweet things to someone else."
"Or hold their hand...?"
"Or use sexual innuendos?"
"But let's say that I am only a naughty person, and you guys know me a lot that I just joke around and try to hold one's hand or attempt to kiss but not really want to do it... And I know that person's lover and that lover knows that I just do it without any malice at all. Will it be accounted for an act of cheating?"
"Maybe not."
"I think so too. Well, there are people who JOKE around like that but really have the intention. Knowing myself, I know that trying to really "FLIRT" is not my intention. I've done that a lot since I am the biggest joker in our circle of friends."
"Okay, let's put it this way: The lover doesn't know that you're doing it to his or her partner.Do you think that would be a form of cheating?"
"I think only the person in the 'cheating' situation should know whether what is happening is a form of flirting or not. The person in a relationship who is being 'flirted' or 'flirting' someone should be able to distinguish if his or her act is a form of cheating or not."
"And he or she will be guilty if he or she knows deep inside that he or she cannot mention it to the partner. So, it depends on the person who is in the situation?"
"I think we should base it on both the person and the partner."
"How is that?"
"If the partner does not favor what happened with his or her lover, I guess that's already cheating. The lover should also know that, too. So cheating basically depends on what they think of the situation."
There ends the story. Then, I thought: What if the couple cannot agree with each other; A thinks he or she does not flirt while B thinks it is a form of cheating. I really think it depends on the person who is in the situation that is allegedly a form of cheating. One should know if his or her acts mean something else, that it can lead to disloyalty. By knowing that his or her act can make someone else fall for him or her, knowing that he or she might fall also, and knowing that it can emotionally wound his or her partner, one could possibly deny that it is cheating. I think it can be bad at times, but maybe sometimes, one just finds someone new and better. But anyways, the best thing to do to avoid this is to know one's limits. Anyway, I still find this topic a little complicated.